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Fineline Range

The Fineline range of architraves and skirting together with associated blocks and edge strips provide an imaginative alternative to traditional styles.

Architrave numbers ATP11, 12 and 13 are designed to be used with Skirting Blocks at the base to at least the height of the skirting. Architrave numbers ATP 14 and 15 may be used with or without these blocks. Architrave Blocks may be used in place of mitre joints.

Skirting Block (not shown) ATP 303 - 180 x 90 x 25

Image of Skirting profiles

These reversable skirtings can be used to show
either the stepped profile shown in the two left
hand illustrations or to show the curved profile
shown on the right.

Image of Architrave profiles
Architrave Blocks
Image of Architrave Block profiles
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